Custom Landscape Woven Art

Your Story

We use art to help us share our stories; the places we have traveled, the experiences we have shared, the memories we have made. The making of a custom piece starts with you and the story you wish to tell through the medium of fibre. Like you and your story, these pieces are unique.

Your Input

Custom art is a collaborative process. It begins with your photographs. I'll ask questions about why the scene is meaningful to you, what details need to be included and how you want to feel when you look at the finished art. Together we will choose a color and fibre palette and determine the appropriate size for your space. I'll check in with you as I weave and make adjustments if necessary. It is important to me that you love the finished piece.

Your Art

Custom pieces are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 11"x14" to 20"x30" plus the length of the decorative fringe. Pricing begins at $300.

We start the commission process with an introductory call at which time we will schedule a start date for your piece. Your finished wall tapestry will be completed 5-6 weeks after the set start date.

If you would like more information or to begin the commission process, fill out the form below and I will respond to you shortly.

Commission Inquiry